The teaching pastor is Rev. Kevin Fortier.                                                                         Kevin was a preacher, teacher, and deacon/leader at South Main Street Church/FaithBridge Church for over 12 years. God called him to preach the Good News of the Gospel early on in his time there. In 2013, God’s call became very specific…to plant a new church. After being interned, mentored, and trained, Kevin and his wife Lisa obediently opened Emmaus Church. He continues to search the Scripture for all that it has for him and for his family and dearly loves sharing God’s Word with all who would hear. He has been in the business world for his entire adult life (till now) and his teaching through the Scriptures reflects God’s Word through his life experiences.

Kevin has been married to Lisa for 30+ years and they have two grown sons who are both involved in ministry. Lisa is an integral partner in many aspects of Emmaus Church’s ministry. 

.Kevin and Lisa at the Mountaintop Stage at Soulfest 

Kevin and Lisa at Soulfest                                                                            From L-R Michael, Sarah, and Dan


Sarah and Dan dos Santos, brother and sister, and Michael Fortier make up the Emmaus Church Worship Team. They are a small group but have a powerful faith that pours forth in their worship. Sarah plans the music, provides the vocals, and covers for her brother on the keyboard. Dan not only plays the keyboard and occasionally the guitar, but also acts as music director. Michael plays the cajone or the djembe as well as covering for Sarah with vocals. The music is a wonderful blend of traditional hymns and more contemporary worship songs.